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Fast Start For New Member

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Dave Cope takes 5 fish in just 8 nights!

New member Dave Cope has made a flying start to his Main Lake campaign taking 5 fish in his first month's fishing.

Dave started by taking a stunning Mirror of 35lb 12oz and the following week had a brace of fish with a Koi of 36lb 8oz and the striking Zip Linear at 36lb 12oz.

Dave with his first Fryerning Carp at 35lb 12oz

Another fish for Dave the cracking Zip Linear at 36lb 12oz.

This week Dave was back again and after seeing fish, made a move, and was rewarded with another brace of fish the Dalmation at 37lb and the massive Nunn at a new PB weight of 46lb 14oz.

Dave with the Dalmation.

Not a bad first months fishing by anyone's standards. Dave has obviously got the knack for catching a fish or two, so we look forward to seeing if he can beat his PB again real soon.

Congratulations Dave.

A new PB with the mighty Nunn at 46lb 14oz