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Improving the Fishery

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We're always trying to improve the environment for our anglers and this week we've made a few new additions which will make life better for you all!

This week the team have made improvements to 2 swims on the Valley Lake.

The swims have been dug out and weather proof matting and drainage installed. They will then be grass seeded. Come the winter they will offer comforatble fishing without the mud!


New comfortable fishing on the Valley!

The Main Lake point swim car park has been extended allowing for easier parking and more space to unload.

The improved point car park

We have also shipped in 24 tonnes of granite. These enormous pieces of stone will be placed strategically around the lakes to act as "Hop Ups". You can hop up on these and spot some fish!

Granite stones ready to be positioned around the lake to aid fish spotting. 

The recently laid path on the Car Park has started to weather in well and is looking great with the wild Daisies now in full bloom.