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April Catch Report by Carl Carlucci

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A warm start to the month gets the fish on the feed!

It’s incredible how a few days of sunny weather can transform a fishery and with temperatures soaring into the low 20s at the start of the month the whole complex burst into life with both anglers and fish enjoying the balmy conditions!

The effects of the sun were particularly noticeable on the Valley Lake where on an early morning stroll around the water I witnessed the amazing sight of so many carp in the upper layers that I could have walked across the lake on the backs of the fish!

So let’s start this month’s report down on the Valley, where member Lee Dilley landed one of the lakes’s prized Commons, a striking fish of 35lb, which is also a new PB for Lee.

Lee Dilley with a Valley Lake Common of 35lb

Interestingly the big common came from a batch of our own Leney Redmire strain of fish. The fish all reared on site some 10 years ago are packing on weight, which has lead to the management making the decision to start naming the fish in the Valley. There are now so many big fish turning up we just can’t keep track anymore, it’s time for the creation of the next generation Fryerning A team!

The Valley Lake was also the scene of another landmark capture in the history of the complex when Grant Sapsford landed the first brace of thirties from the water.

The Mirrors of 30lb and 31lb 8oz came on a 24 hour session and fell to 10mm pops ups.

Well done to the boys on their captures.

Grant Sapsford with a Valley Lake fish of 31lb 8oz

There were also a couple of big surprises on the Main Lake this month, the first of which was Christy McKeon’s capture of a rarely caught Mirror which weighed in at close to 40lb!

The Mirror hadn’t been caught for several years and tipped the scales at 39lb 8oz, the fish, which will surely soon be yet another forty for Fryerning, is a new PB for Christy.         

 Neil McCann certainly had the surprise of his life when he smashed his PB by 30lb when he fished the Main Lake as a guest and landed the Gurm at 51lb 9oz!

Neil McCann with the Gurm at 51lb 9oz

There were so many big fish captures this month it is difficult to fit them all in to this piece but two noteworthy captures were made by Micky “Carp Vader” Forbes and Darren Pavitt.

Micky landed the awesome Woodcarving at 42lb 7oz, the fish falling to a Nash Key boilie, whilst Darren got his 2015 campaign off to a flyer when on a quick overnighter he landed another Main Lake A team member, Charlie at 43lb once again another new PB for a Fryerning member.

Darren Pavitt with his new PB Charlie at 43lb

Micky Forbes with the Woodcarving

Well done to all of the guys who caught from the Main Lake this month.

I even managed a couple of fish myself this month taking a Common of 34lb 4oz and one of my favourite Mirrors in the lake, Four Scale at 38lb 12oz. Both of the fish came to DT Baits N Blend.

We managed to capture some video footage of Fourscale which we posted to Facebook and our website. We plan to use a lot more video this year, so be sure to check out the website for all the latest. www.xlcarp.com.

Until next time, hope you all have a great months fishing. 


Carl Carlucci with Fourscale