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"Out on The Bank" Gary Little

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Carl Carlucci catches up with Gary Little as he fishes the Valley Lake and catches a 28lb mirror to order!

It’s “Out on The Bank” feature time again and this week I caught up with Gary Little.

Gary is a very experienced angler and has been incredibly successful on a number of very tough waters both here and abroad including Shotgate, The Manor and at the French water Cherpoint where he is a bit of legend having landed a huge number of 50s 60s and the Parrallel fish at 71lb!

Gary has been a full member of Fryerning for a couple of years now and although he would like to fish the Main Lake all of his efforts until now have been focused on the Car Park and Valley Lakes.

These waters are suited to Gary’s style of fishing, particularly in light of the fact his sessions, due to work commitments, are generally only 4-5 hours in length and only in the winter months.

Speaking to Gary he told me that one of the things he likes best about Fryerning is that he has 3 waters all filled with beautiful fish that he can move between and that often during the winter he has the lakes to himself. Gary also enjoys the levels of security we have here at Fryerning as this allows him to concentrate on his fishing.

Gary is a real busy angler, always thinking, moving, changing things and doing whatever he can to get a bite. He certainly does things a little different and although I promised to not divulge any of his secrets they certainly work as while I was chatting with him he landed a striking mirror of 28lb from the Valley Lake.

Gary hopes to find the time in the future to fish the Main Lake and identified the Boss and the Woodcarving as the fish he’d like to catch the most.

Going on Gary’s fish catching record I would imagine it wouldn’t be long before these fish are seeing the back of his net.

I’d like to thank Gary for taking the time to chat to me and for catching a carp to order!

Here are a few pictures of Gary playing and posing with his cracking 28lb mirror.