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DECEMBER UPDATE by Carl Carlucci

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The lakes at Fryerning have always fished well in the winter months and as 2014 drew to a close this proved to be the case once again as some incredible fish were caught topped by a new Main Lake record!

The whole complex was unbelievably quiet during December, with very few members fishing, but with some unseasonably warm weather in the middle weeks of the month the fish came on the feed and the anglers who were able to dodge the Christmas shopping duties were rewarded in style!     

First up this month is Dave Whitting , Dave who featured in last month’s column with his capture of Four Scale at 40lb has been at it again this time taking the striking Dalmation at 36lb 7oz.

Dave caught his fish from the Left Hand Point swim, the huge Koi falling to a Nash Scopex Squid boilie. Dave was rightfully “over the moon” with his capture. We all know that any fish are hard earned at this time of the year, so well done Dave. Look forward to seeing what fish Dave features with next month!

Paul Shearer’s Christmases all came at once when he banked the monstrous Gurm at 54lb!

Fishing from the Lodge swim, the huge fish came to a heavily baited spot and is a massive new PB for Paul and a new complex record for Fryerning.

A great result for Paul and his quote in the catch log says it all... “Over the moon, feel like I’m walking on it”

Congratulations Paul on your historic capture, not many anglers can say they’ve caught a 50 in December!  

Next up is the affable Kevin Goss of Chronicle Fishing, who having netted the Gurm for Paul Shearer, soon got amongst ‘em himself.

Kevin, like a lot of the Fryerning members, has very limited angling time, but despite this and the fact it had been four months since his last visit, he was soon back in the groove landing the awesome looking Stripe at 37lb 4oz.

The fish which is a new PB for Kevin came from the Chocolate Finger swim at 2.30am and was taken at 70 yards on a Galaxy Baits B2 wafter. Incredibly Kevin caught the same fish on his last trip. Well done Kevin, great stuff!

The Valley Lake hardly saw an angler all month, but those who did fish were well rewarded.

Gary Little took a fine brace of mirrors both weighing 21lb on a day session just before xmas. A couple of days later it was the turn of Roy Pritchard who caught the first fish after the xmas festivities landing a cracking 30lb 60z Common. The fish was a new PB for Roy and was taken on his first visit to the fishery! Well done boys!

Another notable capture was made by Rob Jennings who took a brace of twenties, a common of 23lb120z and a Mirror of 27lb20z from the Car Park Lake. The big mirror is a new PB for Rob.


So that was 2014, the anniversary of 30 years in the industry for Fryerning, a year full of incredible catches, 2014 was amazing, but I think 2015 is going to be even better.

From the team at Fryerning ,a Happy New Year to you all!