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Winter Fishing

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A few thoughts on locating and catching carp in the winter

It can be tricky finding the fish let alone catching them at this time of the year, so any help is welcome in piecing the puzzle together.

Here are a few thoughts on winter fishing from our old friend and legendary angler Jim Gibbinson from his 1968 book Carp.

The logic of Jim’s thoughts still hold true today….

"Carp location in the winter is a particularly interesting problem; there is no mass movement to the deeper water as many anglers expect there might be." 

"On most of the waters that I fish, with depths of up to about 12 feet, winter winds ensure that the thermal layers are well intermingled.
During the course of the winter months I very rarely find much difference in water temperature in the one to 12 feet depth range-only under very calm conditions which do not seem to be a feature of my winter carp fishing outings."

"In calm weather, with water temperatures above 39 Fahr, as they quite often are, the warmest water will be at the surface, only extending to the bottom in the shallows." 

So taking Jim’s wise words on board it goes some way to explaining why and how fish can be caught in just about any part of a lake at this time of the year.

The recent capture of the Gurm at 54lb by member Paul Shearer from the shallowest part of the lake shows that being opening minded and having an understanding of how our quarry acts can pay off! 

Food for thought........