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2014 End of Year Report By Carl Carlucci

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It’s incredible to think that 30 years have passed since we built and stocked the Main Lake.

2014 marked the anniversary of 30 years in the industry for us, but it was also the year that the whole complex hit new heights and the year we think will be remembered as the start of a new and exciting era in the history of Fryerning fisheries.

All of the lakes fished amazingly well throughout the year, probably better than in any other year. Scores of anglers broke their personal bests, fish hit new record weights and multiple big fish catches have become almost the norm!

Years ago multiple captures of 40lb carp were unheard of, an angling fantasy,a dream  unlikely to ever be achieved. And yet this year we have seen a handful of anglers achieve this angling feat. Joe Morgan even managed to knock 2 40s out in twenty minutes!

Joe Morgan with Charlie 43lb 8oz

Joe Morgan with The Mommon 46lb 4oz 

Big carp will always be the measure of a fishery and our carp are now bigger than most. In fact as this piece was being put together the complex record has just fallen again, the monstrous “Gurm” hitting the scales at 54lb.

We’ve seen some spectacular weight growths this year, it’s not just the “Gurm”, that got big, fish such as the Boss and the Mommon have all packed on the weight and are amongst a handful of fish heading towards the magical 50 mark.

There is also a sizeable contingent of big 30s that could well burst through the 40 mark in the coming year, watch this space. We still get just as excited as our anglers at the surprises our lakes continually through up!

The Valley and Car Park Lakes have provided some spectacular fishing throughout the year. Both lakes have some absolutely stunning fish in them, all of which like those in the Main Lake continue to grow well.

Valley Regular Reece Thomas with a Valley 30+ Common

The Valley Lake has produced a common close to 38lb and just last week the Car Park Lake produced a brace of upper twenties. 

As a fishery owner the condition of the fish is probably of greater importance than fish weights. It is therefore particularly pleasing to see that our fish haven’t just got big, they are in outstanding condition, fit, strong and powerful.

The water quality has also been exceptional this year and is constantly monitored as part of our fishery management process.

We have been paying particular attention to crayfish levels over the past months. Crayfish are the single biggest factor in the ongoing growth of our fish, carp just love eating them! A new ongoing management system will ensure the fine balance of big fish and happy anglers is maintained!

We have also added a new member to our team. Carl Carlucci is now writing our Carp Talk catch reports and keeping the website and Facebook pages up to date.

Carl is our “Go to Guy” a link between our members and the Fryerning team.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, speak to Carl, it’s all in confidence and whilst we can’t implement every suggestion made we will always give them our full consideration.

Recent feedback received through Carl has already resulted in improvements to numerous swims, as well as drainage issues being addressed. Continuing on from this we will be undertaking significant swim improvements in the spring of 2015.

We are constantly improving the fishery, making little tweaks, many unseen, but all of which are undertaken to make the fishery the very best it can be for you our valued members.

2014 has been amazing, but we have a feeling that 2015 is going to be even better!

Finally, Just a quick thank you to some of the members who helped out this year, with the building of swims and gravel features around the fishery, your help was all greatly appreiciated!


Happy New year to you all!

Team Fryerning

Picture courtesy of Main Lake member and talented photographer Marky Baker of the International Space Station passing right over the Main Lake on 20/12/14.