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Matthew Hughes - What an Hour!

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It's the unpredictability in fishing that keeps us going, the not knowing if or when you’ll get a one toner resulting in a fish of a lifetime!

This is exactly what happened to Matthew Hughes on his latest session on The Main Lake. After getting up at first light and moving into the vacant Lodge swim, he found a nice spot at 160 yards along a far bank margin. Baiting up with two kilos of Nash Baits Scopex Squid he got the rods out and sat down never expecting what was to happen next!

Soon after casting out, the 33 year old accountant had landed the Woodcarving at 41lb 4oz.

A recast to the same spot resulted in the Stunning Zip Linear 10minutes later at 36lb 12oz.

In under an hour of fishing his new swim Mat had landed two of Fryernings most sought after fish.

Further Joy was to follow as he rounded off the session with a 33lb 8oz Mirror. A fantastic bit of opportunist angling, resulting in three well deserved fish!  Well done Mat.