Join the premier Essex carp syndicate - Fryerning Fisheries


Fryerning Fisheries offers a complete range of fishery services, from lake design, construction and maintenance, to rearing fast-growing, healthy English Carp.

We also provide top-quality consultation on important aspects of running a fishery such as financial planning, accounting, admin procedures and effective marketing to customers. In short, we are businesslike about doing business. You may already be in the industry or are thinking about joining this  fast-growing participation sport, the largest in the UK. Whatever stage you have reached, we have the skills and know-how to take you onto the next level.

When it comes to breeding fish, for example, we have a dedicated programme undertaken under the guidance of CEFAS and DEFRA, both respected within the industry. Alan Henshaw, attached to DEFRA, and one of the UK’s top aquaculture practitioners, is overseeing our warm-water programme in which the fish are verifiably achieving a 2lb growth rate per month.

As a result of the programme we are able to maintain a consistent release rate of 30+s into our lake and their growth rate means we are now seeing an increasing number of 40s.

Whatever your particular situation we are able to adapt our services to your needs. We are totally transparent with our clients, whatever the size and cost of the project, and will not hesitate to provide an honest analysis and appropriate solution in every situation. We always insist on the best possible conditions for our fish and our anglers and would certainly not compromise on this basic principle. After all, it has served us well over 25 years of successful operation and, with this in mind, we guarantee to enhance YOUR income from your business.

The highest standards in all aspects of the industry are a basic requirement for us, which is why Fryerning Fisheries is widely recognised as a top UK showcase for aquaculture and Carp fishing excellence.

The results after recently netting The Car Park Lake

Draining One of our many stock ponds